The Cotton Trail

What is The Cotton Trail?

The Gambia Cotton Trail are products that are made in the Gambia. From the farmers located far east of the country, to the women who are spinning the cotton in Njau, to natural dyers in Serrekunda, the weaver and tailors at Footsteps Eco Lodge. The aim is to create a business to employ local people accross the country and revive a cash crop industry that had its heydays 30 years back. 

You can also travel the Cotton Trail with Ethical Travel Portal and visit all of the places and the people that are involved in the prodject.

Why Support The Cotton Trail?

The Gambia is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Recently a 22-year long dictatorship finally ended. With that, slogans like "one Gambia", #GambiaHasDecided" and "all hands on deck"... We believe that creating emplyment for local people is one of the most important tool to keep moving forward. It helps people to become self sufficient, empowered and achieve increased self-esteem. It avoid people to take the "back way" to Europe because of lack of oportunities. We are still in the early stage of the project, and any help is very much appreciated!

Local Organisations & People Involved

The Farmers & WASDA | Basse.

The cotton is grown and harvested far east of The Gambia, with support from WASDA (Wuli and Sandu Development Agency).

The Spinners & WIG| Njau.

Women Initiative Gambia and their members make sure that the cotton is carefully spun.

The Tie & Dyers| Serrekunda.

Only natural colours are used to dye the fabric. This is done by Adama and Musa, in their compounds.

The Weavers | Gunjur.

The cotton is woven at Footsteps Eco Lodge by Osman and Njanke. They use both traditional local looms and a European loom.

The Tailor| Gunjur.

Lamin is our main tailor. He is also training a group of girls that will become part of the cotton trai tailors.

The Finishing Touches| Gunjur.

The finishing touches are checked and prepared for sale. When we get there, it will be done by a group of young women.

Our Goal & Vision

Our goal is to create emplyment and business opportunieis for local people. This through "100% made in The Gambia" quality cotton products.

Our vision is to revive the cotton industry as a cash crop wich again will reduse poverty and create emplyment throughout the country. We want The Gambia Cotton Trail to become an international brand to create curiosity about the smiling coast of West Africa.

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